Conexperience | Our approach
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Our approach

Conexperience goes beyond “creating loyal customers.” Conexperience provides your business with tools, methods and an approach that results in a customer relationship for life. A relationship that works like a real relationship, in which each side builds on each other, trusts each other, knows clearly what is expected of each. If anything goes wrong… then you and your customer are suited to solve it together.



“I have a need”

A change in the life of a consumer generates a specific need. This can also arise is the customer has seen a product or service offered by a competitor or used by a friend or family member and will want the same thing.



“I orientate”

The client digs into the market. Perhaps he asks for brochures or orientation talks with several companies with which he’s able to form an opinion. Price is less important at this stage; it is actually feelings that escalate in importance. The opinion of customer’s network is also going to matter at this point, since a common question they ask themselves is: “What might others think?”



“I become a customer”

After the orientation phase, the customer chooses the company that resonates with him the most. In this face, the client experiments everything “for the first time”. This is the moment when the customer needs to be impressed by the service, the product and the customer service: an opportunity to “wow” the customer. This is what he is paying for.



“I am a customer”

The initial phase of this new relationship is satisfactory and the customer chooses to remain a customer. This phase often occurs after the first contract extension, the completion of trials or trial periods, and when a product or service must be renewed. The company fits well and the customer decides to stay.



“I stay a customer”

The customer is used to the processes and is familiar with company aspects including the point of contact. He has repeatedly extended the contract/purchased a product and will continue to do so in the future. The customer knows what to expect when things go wrong, how the products or services are delivered and how the company treats its customers.



“I am loyal”

This relationship feels good. The business and the customer are aligned and the customer is loyal. In this phase, the company has gained a permanent place in the life of the customer. He does not want to leave. He is no longer “curious” about other companies. He wants to stay forever.



“I stay forever or I leave”

While other companies stop at “marriage,” Conexperience continues. Growing old with the customer is the last and most important step of these episodes. Understanding the customer’s needs is associated with this phase. The company understands that the customer can make mistakes, and there is mutual respect and trust. It may also be that the customer decides to leave the company, often because something has occurred that damages trust. However, if the customer wants to grow old with your company, he will be proud to tell the whole world that he is your life-long customer.

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