We work with your organisation to improve the Customer Experience and build a business that is loved by both customers and employees.


Our methodology uses a human-centred, design-based approach, where insights are gathered by using empathy as a tool and placing employees in the shoes of the customer.


By using Customer Journey Mapping and Service Design thinking, Conexperience identifies bottlenecks in business processes and empowers your employees to make smarter, better educated daily decisions so they can deliver better customer experiences and ultimately generate sustained business growth.

Conexperience works with clients, patients, citizens, students and employees, each and every one of them 'customers' in a specific environment. The Conexperience approach is universal and can be adapted for all target groups.

Danny Peters

Managing Director

Danny Peters is the founder of Conexperience and has been working in the world of Customer Experience Management for over 15 years. He started optimizing customer processes in contact centers and has become one of the Dutch's most appreciated specialists in customer experience and improvement. Danny has developed a thoughtful methodology where in 6 steps, enables you to enter into a lifelong relationship with your customer. He is busy writing his first book: Flirting to eternal loyalty - Customer Experience in Six Steps. Danny's vision is that a customer relationship can work like a human relationship, in which the partners build and trust each other. Are you ready to enter into a lifelong relationship with your customer?

Danny Molenaar


With 15 years of work experience, Danny is a true expert in the field of Customer Experience. He has helped major brands such as Univé, VGZ, Aegon and Alliander to make a difference in customer-oriented services. He helps organizations to develop a strong strategy and supervises the implementation so that changes are guaranteed. In this way, not only the customer experience is optimized, but also that of employees. After all, employees are the ambassador of the organization! Since mid-June, Danny has joined Conexperience as an associate partner to broaden the Conexperience service package and further expand the success.

Annelise Scholl

Communication Designer

Annelise has a Master’s Degree in Design Management and Innovation with a focus on Luxury Brands from University of the Arts, London. She is passionate about brand values and business working in favour of positive human evolution; happiness, wellbeing, socio-environmental balance and human connection. As Communication Designer, Annelise applies Design Thinking strategies to Customer Experience and Service Design methodologies. With her experience in marketing and brand strategy, she is also in charge of our external communication, sharing our knowledge and experiences with the outer world.

Rosaria Cirillo


Rosaria is a customer experience expert, trainer and TEDx speaker specialized in driving change using Net Promoter System and Voice of Customer as compass to move from data to insight to action to results. Originally from Italy, Rosaria has lived in the Netherlands since 2002 working for companies such as Forrester, Adobe, Convergys and Philips in the area of customer experience. In 2013 she founded Wow Now with the mission to bring more happiness into the world by improving interactions with companies. She provides advice and training in the areas of Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer, Net Promoter System, Customer Service and E-commerce, with special focus on life-enriching customer experiences that make customers happier and create a sustainable “happiness driven growth”. 

Robbert Veltman


MBA Customer Management Expert customer experience & customer travel experiences with more than 10 years experience and a passion for customer experience that he cannot hide. Thanks to his MBA Customer Management, his extensive experience in measuring customer experience and with optimizing customer journeys.

Frans Reichardt


Frans Reichardt is the Customer Listener (“Klantenluisteraar”) and helps companies to achieve happy customers and better results. He does this as an adviser, trainer and speaker. Frans works from the belief that "Loyalty from the customer begins with loyalty to the customer." For him, customer feedback ("Listening to Customer") forms the base for continuous improvement of customer focused processes, where with Conexperience he takes concrete steps towards business success. With over 30 years of experience in direct marketing & customer marketing, he is an inspired motivator and author of Business Bloopers - the most important lessons from over 175 painful business launchers and million-winding marketing missions, More Open More Clicks, and My Customer Understands Me -Not Yet (e-book).

Olf Uineken


In the past 25 years, Olf has become a broad-based strategic advisor and specialist in the area of Customer Service and ICT. His focus is process optimization and design of the underlying technical infrastructure. It integrates all aspects of ICT such as software development, network infrastructure, e-commerce, Reporting & Analytics. In the past 10 years, Olf Uineken has played an important role in the (re)organization of the customer service and the underlying technical infrastructure. He makes a difference through his drive, ownership of opinion and persuasiveness and is the technical brain behind the Milkymap infrastructure and the art and science of designing and delivering valuable technology strategy.

Rolf Wentink


Rolf Wentink is the founder of Bureau12. He has been working successfully for more than twenty years in environments where customer contact is central and has extensive expertise with customer satisfaction solutions. Rolf is a Customer Experience Expert, Customer Contact Consultant and Lean Green Belt. He has extensive experience in improving customer satisfaction with numerous clients. His methodology and work matches and compliments the work of Conexperience really well.

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